Hi There! Pleased to meet You.

I am BV. It started with Brutal Vanity, Confessions of a Vanity of a selfish Life. I wrote bluntly about living with someone with addiction.  Little did I know, that there are so many out there living through that hell. You know there is a nice person in there, and you help and you help and you help, until you cannot anymore and realize you need to help yourself instead. This content has been removed as it is being put together to a book to inspire to take charge of YOUR Life.

BV is a community of help and support and full of compassion, empathy and sympathy. Something that is being forgotten in todays society. One goal I have is to open transitional homes for people in need. A lot of times one has nowhere to go and thinks that the only choice is to stay with the abuse.

Brutal Voices; Books written by children for other children, voices to be heard and that we should listen to. It is amazing how much you can learn from the little ones.

Little miss Brutal Vanity; the brutal voice that echoes in my head. My precious daughter, love her to pieces.

Little miss Brutal Vanity Jr; the smaller but louder brutal voice that teaches me so much. My kids are my inspiration.

BVain; My clothing line to be launched shortly.

I call it the Perfect Storm. Thanks for following this exciting Journey we also call Life.